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How to print your own CashBox?

So, you’ve decided to print your own CashBox? Great, that’s very easy! Follow those easy steps and your CashBox will be ready in no time.

1. Download the printable file

When you check out, you’ll be given a unique link to download the printable files (front and back). Download it to your computer so you can print it from there.

2. Print the file

For best print results we suggest you print on some cardstock paper or anything with a thickness over 150gm. In the printer settings scale at 100%, this will print the design with the following resolution: 6”x8” (15cm x 20cm). 

3. Cut and complete the box

Now, you just need to cut the borders, go slowly on the corners for some nice rounded corners! Don’t forget the whole at the top too! Finally, add a clear plastic box with some double‑face scotch tape or some transparent glue. All done!