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$5.99 – Pretty Cash

What a pretty gift! That’s what people will say when they receive this amazing cash gift. Yes life is full of rainbows and butterflies. It’s time to spend the cash and spread the fun​. *Money not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with the money inside the box?

No it does not. The plastic box comes empty so that you can easily slip any money that you see fit. 

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping is $3 in the USA and Canada, $6 anywhere else.

What is the package dimensions?

6in x 8in / 15cm x 20cm

Can I print it myself instead being delivered?

Yes absolutely, you can choose the "I'll print it myself" option when you order, and instead of sending you a physical CashBox by post, we'll give you a download link so that you can print it and cut it yourself. You'll save a bit of money in the process too! Note that you'll have to add your own transparent plastic box.

Who made this?

Some folks who grew up in the 80s.